Product Description

AutoGlym Surface Detailing Clay Kit

The Surface Detailing Clay Kit removes all bonded contaminants from your paintwork allowing for a deeper, more durable shine and is an essential step if you are serious about paintwork preparation.

Some paintwork problems can’t be washed away with shampoo, we refer to these as bonded contaminants. You can feel the rough areas with your fingertips. They require detailing clay to safely remove them from your paintwork.

Once the car is fully clayed it will be very smooth to the touch and ready for High Definition Cleanser or a coat of polish and wax.

The Surface Detailing Clay Kit contains Rapid Detailer, detailing clay, Super Resin Polish, Perfect Polishing Cloth and a microfibre cloth.

Pro Tip: Look at the clay as you use it. As it becomes dirty knead it thoroughly and fold it back in on itself to present a clean surface.

How to use

1. Wash the vehicle with Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner and dry.

2. Pull off a piece of clay and knead into a pad about the size of a large coin.

3. Ensure the vehicle is cool. Spray a generous amount of Rapid Detailer onto the clay and onto an area about 50 centimetres square. Gently move the clay over the surface with a backward and forward motion using only light finger pressure.

4. Once the area feels smooth to the touch, wipe away any excess Rapid Detailer with the blue microfibre cloth and repeat the process on a new area, overlapping slightly with the previous section.