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AutoGlym Perfect BodyWork Wheels Interior

AutoGlym Perfect BodyWork Wheels Interior is amazing collection that contains nine carefully chosen products and accessories to help you clean, polish and protect your car bodywork, wheels and interior.

This comprehensive set combines the contents of several of our smaller kits plus more:

Autoglym Perfect BodyWork Wheels Interior Kit- Perfect Bodywork, Wheels and Interior is Your complete 3-Step Routine for a pristine car inside and out. Outstanding products and unrivalled quality for the ultimate finish every time. Included in this kit are all the things you need for an amazing looking vehicle inside and out. The kit contains

AutoGlym Perfect BodyWork Wheels Interior Kit Contains:

AutoGlym Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner is a highly concentrated car wash with rust inhibitors.

AutoGlym Super Resin Polish – emulsifiers and conditioners remove swirls and puts high gloss shine into paintwork. Suitable for modern paint finishes including metallic, water-based and lacquered.

AutoGlym Extra Gloss Protection provides a high gloss protective layer to automotive finishes making future washing safer and easier.

AutoGlym Clean Wheels safely and effectively removes bonded brake dust and road grime from all painted and lacquered wheel finishes.

AutoGlym Instant Tyre Dressing reblackens rubber and brings a natural satin sheen to tyres.

AutoGlym Alloy Wheel Seal is a spray on sealant which provides a non-stick barrier to alloy wheels, protecting from brake dust and road grime adhesion.

AutoGlym Interior Shampoo is a versatile cleaner that can be used on carpets, seats and hood linings. The low foaming formulation makes it very easy to use.

AutoGlym Car Glass Polish removes fine scratches and hazing from the interior of windows, restoring perfect clarity. Simply apply and leave to cure for a couple of minutes to activate the anti-fog formulation to keep your windows mist-free no matter what the weather!

AutoGlym Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner sprays on to dashboards and interior trim and buffs off to remove dust and fingerprints. Can also be used on exterior trim to protect against UV fading.

AutoGlym Perfect BodyWork Wheels Interior

AutoGlym Perfect BodyWork Wheels Interior